Afraid to Lose My Husband to 18 Year Old Girl

Dear Mckoy: I am 38 years old and have been married to a 52 years old man for 5 years now. We both travel quite often, but my husband mostly travels alone and visits Jamaica more often than I do.

We are not rich but we are okay therefore traveling isn’t much of an issue.

Just a week ago, my husband booked a ticket for Jamaica behind my back but obviously wasn’t aware that the credit card he used didn’t have sufficient cash to complete his payments.

So the ticketing company called to informed and remind him of the final payment. Unfortunately, I was the one who answered the phone.

After receiving the information, I waited until he got home I informed him and he explained that it had slipped him to tell me he was going to Jamaica to attend the funeral of an old friend from school days. ( Smile)

I trusted him so I said fine. But then I questioned why would my husband want to attend a funeral right in the mids of Christmas knowing it’s our family time? Instead of then suggesting we all go and spend Christmas there in Jamaica after the funeral.

Just about two days after our discussion I was using my husband’s phone to conduct some business when a ton load of messages came in from a young lady which was disturbing my call. So I checked only to realize my husband’s trip to Jamaica was to spend Christmas with his 18-year-old woman who stated in her message that the FK she is going to give him he’s bound to leave his wife and be with her.

Since then I have put a block on him accessing our credit card. I am in fear of losing my husband.


Dear JA/USA: This is a very intense story. But based on your explanation, it appears that something has gone wrong in your relationship that now leads your husband to the point where he wants to be away from his family to spend time with a young girl.

I suggest that you sit with your husband and let him know that you have seen the messages from his girlfriend and you want to know what is the real cause for actions.

I also suggest you hold on to your marriage and not let anyone destroy that.  And as your husband, he should have known better than to have his girlfriend sending such messages to his phone, knowing you use his phone as well.

After your discussion, I would advise that you try to spice up the relationship a little and in the meantime, you both seek a little counseling.

Good Luck.

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