Advanced Call Centre Technologies- Telemarketing Employment Trailblazers

Jamaica News: Boasting a Staff Complement of approximately one thousand (1000) employees, ACT (Advanced Call Centre Technologies) hosted another one of its massive recruitment drives held on the grounds of building one (1) in the Barnett Estate Complex Montego Bay, St James.

The goal of the drive held on Wednesday November 13, was to increase its staff membership by Two Hundred (200) Agents. Employing Creativity, the team utilized innovative strategies such as an outside broadcast with Mello FM Radio and special visit from social media influencer Quite Perry who surprised employment prospects and staff with a bonus team presence, Rushane, of Rushcam also a social media influencer.

The ‘Double Trouble’ Team as referred to by a number of onlookers, interacted well with everyone, as their affable personalities and social media presence was a great pull factor for potential employees of ACT.

Selfies, funny word drops and spirited character traits seemed to lighten the atmosphere, which made what is typically a nerve wracking experience for job seekers a most memorable and pleasant experience.

Members of the recruiting team Shamieka Hutchinson, Benjamin Headly and Cameilla Daley all spoke  highly of their experience being part of the ACT team and the company for creating an atmosphere conducive to healthy and efficient performance.

The recruiting team members gave a synopsis of the recruiting process which may be described as very modern or contemporary style screening which immediately exposes  the team to a test room assessment and digital  customer service screening test.

ACT employees enjoy the benefits of Health insurance, Lunch subsidies, on site nurse, on site counselor, transportation to and from work via designated pick up locations in the town of Montego Bay every half hour before the start of each shift. The job is highly incentivized as with most call centres. The reward system implemented in the company is geared to relief the monotony of the job routine and other challenges employees may encounter.

Human Resource Manager Mrs. Andrea Paul- McMahon excitedly informed listeners of Mello FM Radio, during an interview that “…the fun is injected in the work atmosphere at ACT.”

Among the numerous activities listed were, Theme and team day, nerd, socks, twin and jersey days which saw staff members donning team jerseys such as Manchester United or even a replica of various school uniforms across Jamaica.

Mrs. Paul- McMahon further lit up with excitement when she broadcasted the details of the ongoing referral programme which gives employees the opportunity to refer prospects to the company, should these prospects become a part of the team by successfully navigating the recruitment process, there member who made the referral then earns one Hundred U.S Dollars (U.S$100) per successful referral.

The company recently recognized and awarded long serving employees and even celebrates with staff members on birthdays and other special occasions. The telemarketing giant continues to uphold its social responsibilities through programmes such as feeding and general care of the indigent and those in need of care. This is done under the auspices of the infirmary and the Trumpet Hall Ministry.

As a strong member of the business process outstanding industry, ACT has created an indelible dent in the employment landscape of Montego Bay and surrounding Parishes.

The Recruiting Drive continues and the company welcomes job seekers who are trainable and possess a positive attitude.



By Karleyer Edwards

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