Accused stepfather offers to pay funeral expenses for murdered boy, says mom

Tamara Lewis was distraught as she recounted how her estranged lover called her Friday morning offering to offset funeral expenses for her eight-year-old son who was last seen in his care.

The body of Galen Buchanan was found Thursday afternoon around 3:15 in Kingston Harbour in the vicinity of the Manley Meadows housing scheme in the eastern end of the capital.

The police have listed a man who goes by the names ‘Phillip Williams’, ‘Phillip Rose’, ‘Rochester Rose’ and ‘Ochester Rose’ as a person of interest in relation to the killing.

Grief counsellor Kerry-Ann Stewart, who is attached to the Ministry of Education, said Paul Rose called around 9:15 to offer $200,000 to $300,000.

He told Lewis that “… she just needs to sort out her life and get over it and as soon as she decides how much money she wants, she should just call him and he will get the money to her,” Stewart said.

Lewis revealed that she had put Rose out of her home having discovered that he had had a violent history, including prison time in England. She said that she recently learned that he had been jailed for burning down a house in a bid to kill his spouse and children.

However, she never anticipated that he would have taken revenge by luring her child under the guise of buying ice cream.

“A Monday mi and him fight and me put him out and change the locks and Tuesday he go fi mi son and a tek him. They had a very good relationship because my son loved him,” the boy’s mother said.

“I didn’t know that he was in prison. It is Monday that I know that he was in prison. His cousin was the one who told me,” Lewis added.

Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, the chief police spokesperson, told the news team that a police manhunt is still underway for Rose, who has several aliases, including Paul Williams, Rochester Rose, and Ochester Rose.

“They are following some leads but they (the police) are still saying to persons that if they know this man … the police would like to speak with him

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