Sergeant Testifies Accused Made Witness Face Him in Line-Up

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – Testimony continues in the Death Squad trial. On Tuesday a police witness testified that the police corporal accused of killing a Clarendon man in February 2010 refused to take part in the formal identification parade, but instead wanted a non-formal confrontational identification, where he would face the witness.

Police Corporal Morrison and Constable Collis Brown are on trial for the shooting death of Fabian Dinal, and shooting another man in the chest injuring him.

Corporal Rohan Morrison, was pointed out by the witness as the cop who allegedly shot and killed 20-year-old Fabian Dinal in May Pen, Clarendon, on February 13, 2010.

Witness Testimony

Sergeant Roger Kelly, who in charge of the identification parade in July 2014, testified that Morrison, through his attorney, refused to take part in a formal identification parade, where he would not face the witness.

The sergeant’s sworn testimony is that the police department had to conduct an informal line-up, where the officer was directly confronted by the witness.

He said he spoke to Morrison’s attorney two times and was informed of Morrison’s refusal.

Sergeant Kelly continued toe testify that even on the morning before the confrontational identification parade took place at the Grant’s Pen Police Station, in St. Andrew, he spoke with Morrison and gave the accused officer the opportunity to change his mind.

Per the sergeant, Morrison continued to refuse and state to him that he, Morrison was “okay” with the confrontational identification parade.

Kelly states that on the day of the parade, the main witness confirmed to him that he was present to point out the police officer who shot and killed his friend.

Sergeant Kelly confirmed that the witness looked into the cell where Morrison and other detainees were, and pointed out the accused.

Cross Examination

On cross-examination by Vincent Wellesley, Morrison’s attorney, Sergeant Kelly admitted that the Morrison did signed a Notice to Suspect Form, which confirm his willingness to part take in the formal identification parade.

However, the sergeant, despite being interrogated by Morrison’s attorney, did not revert from his testimony that Morrison was not willing to participate in a formal identification parade. When the Wellesley rhetorically questioned Sergeant Kelly with statements that Morrison was willing and ready to attend the identification parade, Kelly replied“No, Sir,”

The Main Witness on Cross-Exam

On cross-examination the main witness who had identified Morrison, and who was the friend of slain Fabian Dinal, and himself the victim shot and injured, testified that he saw Morrison with an M-16 rifle in his hands, and heard the two explosions prior to Dinal’s death, however, he could not verify where Morrison was standing when the gunshots were fired.

He states that he first was shot. Before Dinal was killed, Brown shot him and he fell on his face.

The witness, who was 17-years-old at the time of the incident, testified that he heard the explosions of the gunshots which killed his friend, while he was lying on the ground, suffering from gunshot wounds.

The trial resumes on Thursday in the Home Circuit Court.

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