Accompong Maroon says Government conspiring to take away their uranium…vows to fight

Accompong Maroon, Daneyel Z. Bozra has accused the Andrew Holness administration of trying to woo the Maroon leadership, in order to take over what he says is the huge deposits of uranium on the 1500 acres expanse of Maroon lands.

“What we find is that the Jamaican Government and all the ignorant people who have no intelligence, have been busy trying to co-opt the Maroon sovereignty, not only of Accompong Town but of all the Maroon villages,” he charged, on Friday night, during a confrontation with members of the St. Elizabeth police division in the community square.

“They are trying to come in because we sit on uranium.  Let me tell you people: the geochemical map of Jamaica done in 1992 at the University of the West Indies, shows that Accompong sits on uranium, and they want to come in as if they have authority to come and mine our uranium,” Bozra added defiantly.

Uranium is an extremely heavy metal, which, when refined and enriched, becomes silvery-white.

It is used in the larger industrialized countries such as the United States, for efficient power generation in nuclear power stations or in devastatingly powerful nuclear weapons.   However, it is oftentimes used as ballast in airplanes and boats.

A paper by Professor Gerald Lalor founder of the International Centre for Environmental and Nuclear Sciences (ICENS), University of The West Indies, Mona Campus, titled Rare Earth Elements which was published on, included maps which showed the distribution of uranium and other rare elemlents in Jamaica had high percentiles in the upper sections of St. Elizabeth including Accompong.

According to Forbes Magazine, the world price for uranium rose this year after South Africa closed all its uranium mines, triggering what has been described as “a worldwide mine-closure trend” which saw countries like Namibia following suit, and  the government of big suppliers, Kazakhstan, placing restrictions on its uranium industry,

Depleted uranium, the residue left behind after enriched uranium is spent at a power plant, is used to make tank armor and bullets for militaries.   It is however, only dangerous if it is inhaled, ingested or enters the body in a shooting or explosion.

Uranium was the element used in the 10-foot-long (3 meters) bomb which the United States dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, effectively ending World War II.

In just one minute after its detonation, the nuclear bomb obliterated everything within a mile radius and killed tens of thousands of people.  A massive firestorm rapidly developed, spreading many miles more.

But according to Bozra, the Government will never get ahold of the Accompong uranium, because the young educated people from the community, will never allow the Jamaican State to co-oopt the Maroon sovereignty, but will fight the Government with all their might.

“We know that those police, if we decided that they could not leave Maroon Town, even now we can make sure they don’t get down the hill.  So they are attempting to intimidate our community,’ he said.

“The Jamaican government attempt to infringe on the 1738 surrender, is not going to win, because the young Maroons are intelligent, edified and aware. We know our rights. It’s not Daniel Bozra alone,” he added.

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