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Next,o Texas, and a hode raising many questions tonight. A young married couple, teenagers, accused in what investigatare calling a murder for hire scheme, involving the G man’s parents. Police nowiecing new detai together. ABC’s sthanie Ramos has more. Reporter: Tonight, this teenage husband and wife duo now nd bars, accusn a bizarre murder hire plot that led to thh N stin jeweler. Nicholas Shaughnessy and yn edison,een here approaching crime scene talking to investigators after his er was found in a pool of blood by his kitchen. This is a quiet neirhood. We don’t get a lot of calls out all. Reporter: The murder ening exacy three Mo ago. Nicholmother fraally called 911 tport an intruder end her home, and that she ard “Numerounshots that sounded very close.” Wio signs of forcetry at the Shaughnessy home, investigators later searching the teenage couple’s home, allegedly findinrange text messages between Nicholas and J Jaclyn. Nicholas allegedly reachut toonfidential informant askio parents I exchange for money, before aldly hiring som else. Court documents show he expected to getmillion when they died.this week, bot Nicholas and yn charged with final solicitation, a first degree felony. Nicholas Shaughnessy’s attorneys releasing this STA — “These allegations are not istent in any way with the young man we have come to know. Nick been living with his mother S this tragedy occurred. Ms. Shaughnessy stands fir behind H.” Nicholas Shaughnessy is being held on $3 million bail, Jaclyn on $1 MI tonight,ice say the shoot is still on the run. Tom? Stephanie, thank Turning now to the

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