Exclusive: A Mother’s Heart is Broken as Her Son Lingers in Police Custody for the Death of Mario Deane; Says Case Is Moving at Snail’s Pace

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 Jamaica News, St James: Clementina Williams gestured with some frustration as she speaks about her son Adrian Morgan who lingers in custody of the police to await the outcome of Mario Deane’s murder case that seems to be having no closure anytime soon.

Morgan, who is mentally challenged and who was an inmate at the Barnett Street lock-up at the time of the incident, was charged alongside Marvin Orr, also mentally challenged, and a third inmate Damion Cargill – a deaf mute, who was released into his family’s care in July 2017, after he was deemed unfit to plead or to stand trial.

Deane, who was a 31-year-old construction worker at the time of his death, was beaten into a coma on August 3, 2014, while in custody at the Barnett Street Police Station in Montego Bay, St James for a ganja spliff. He died three days later.

The matter has been before the court for almost five years with many setbacks. The latest setback involves two doctors who were to come to court to clarify certain aspects of the court-ordered psychiatric reports, which reportedly did not address specific questions about the two men’s mental state. The court waited for several months to have those two doctors present but is currently being told that one of the doctors is no longer in the service.

The distraught Williams had no reservation in voicing her concerns to reporters on the St. James Parish’s court building on Thursday morning as she patiently awaits her son’s matter that was to be called up in the St. James Circuit Court.

When asked how she felt about the progression of the case, Williams complained that it was too much of a drawn-out case and was moving at a snail’s pace.

The case is taking too long. Every time them come they keep putting off the case. This case should a done already,” said the heartbroken mother.

Mi nuh see which part it (the case) a move. It a move slow, and the dummy (meaning the deaf mute) come out from last year and mi son can’t come out. I think my son should be on di road already instead of being in prison suffering,” Williams lamented.

Williams is likewise of the view that her son is not guilty of the charge and remained unconvinced of the police’ version.

Him no guilty at all. That youth don’t trouble anyone, and he is not guilty of what they charged him for. I think him should be on the road already instead of being in prison suffering,” she said.

Williams also expressed concerns about the welfare of her son. According to her, whenever she visits the Spanish Town facility where Morgan is being housed, he complained about the lack of care at the facility as well as to indicate to her that the other inmates are continually taking away his food and toiletries.

Based on Morgan’s mental state, the concerned mother is of the belief that her son ought to have been at a more appropriate facility getting medical attention rather than being locked up in a jail cell.

Sometimes I can’t even find the money to buy food and toiletries to take to him,” she added.

Williams is likewise not convinced that enough is being done to guarantee that her son’s medication is administered to him as it should.

I’m of the opinion that he is not getting his medication, based on how I saw him in January. Whenever him get him medication, mi know. Him look better and him look happier,” the concerned mother said.

Mi jus get fed up.  Mi just waan si what a gwaan today,” Williams said before making her way inside the courtroom.


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