A Man was Beaten to Sickness after Dancing with Gun at Club

A St. James man who went clubbing and was dancing with his gun, and was beaten to sickness, hospitalized and placed under police guard.

On the 3rd of September, a man borrowed his girlfriend’s car, went to a popular night club on the john’s Hall main road in St. James. He allegedly was armed with a loaded gun.

He went into the club and saw a policeman and others playing dominoes, he panicked and hid his gun in the back of the club when the police left he went back for the gun.

With the exotic dancer performing on stage, selector playing music, he took out his gun, put it on his chest, hugged and kissed it as if he was dancing with a female, several patrons at the club related the ordeal to Mckoy’s News.

After the music stopped, A dancer went to her room to retrieve something. It was allegedly said that he followed her and then held her at gunpoint and demanded sex from her. She escaped from the room and raised an alarm.

A Rastaman who acted as a formal bouncer went to the rescue of the female dancer and allegedly was hit in his head with the gun. The Rastaman then held on to the gun after which a shot was discharged missing his head by inches.

As the men continued to wrestle, the patrons in the club began to leave as fast as they could. Eventually, the Rastaman overpowered the gunman, but he escaped to nearby bushes. The Rastaman then called citizens to help search for the gunman. He wasn’t found until the police arrived and he got the protection of the police from the angry citizens.

The Rastaman and the alleged gunman were taken to a hospital, battered and bruised. The Rastaman received treatment and got released however the gunman was admitted to the hospital under police guard.   More information as it becomes available.

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