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“A Healthy You” by Amber Crowl – Keeping Healthy

Amber Crowl Columnist on McKoysNews.com

About: “A healthy you”

“A healthy you” is a weekly commentary post on www.mckoysnews.com, where Amber Crowl [DJ, Host, Writer and Activist] shares health, and natural healing using foods, herbs and things of nature to heal illnesses… Amber Crowl welcomes your talkback options and conversations, and comments on Mckoy’s News. You can email Amber at irieamber@gmail.com

Welcome to “A healthy you” your comprehensive feature for known and unknown information on natural healing and treatment of major and minor illnesses.


Keeping Healthy: It is my pleasure to share my growing knowledge with you once again and hope that in some way, I may be able to inspire you to dig deeper into nature’s amazing wonders. So far, I have been sharing information on foods and herbs, and this year my goal is to continue with that and to add some more interesting tips to help you live a life in which the mind, body and soul are nurtured by nature. I look forward to sharing…

Let me remind everyone of the importance of nurturing the whole person. We sometimes feel that if we just eat the right foods and use natural products on our skin, and take herbs and eat what nature has provided, that doing all of that will make us healthy. Yes to some extent it will, but let us not forget the importance of spiritual and mental health.

Keeping Healthy

I have observed many times, people who have lost their mental health and how it totally turns their lives around. Some go from being successful business people and promising students, to becoming frightening individuals lost to reality. Then there are others who are brilliant and health conscious but have no empathy, show no love or kindness to others. This type of person is all about themselves and pay no cost to charity, love, understanding, mercy or forgiveness. To him/ her, eating healthy and being practical are good enough. But can we be truly healthy if we nurture one or two parts and leave out the rest? In my opinion, no, we cannot be truly healthy unless we nurture mind, body and soul. That is the true meaning of a whole person.

For 2018, I will be going deeper into exploring more herbs and foods which go to the root of our health concerns, and show you how the herbs especially have mental and spiritual connections. Many foods also stimulate the brain and hormones in our bodies, which when balanced help our bodies to operate much better. Then there is the spiritual part of humans, which seems more often than not, to be the last on the list of persons attempts to live a healthy life. I will be sharing tips on how to improve the spirit, in order to preserve and maintain a healthy body.

Keeping Healthy

Believe me, it is all connected and none can truly stand on its own.

I know many individuals who demonstrate and practice nurturing the whole self and their health shows in more ways than one. From a combination of exercise, developing good human relations, eating and drinking good foods, lowering stress and practicing spiritual goodness, these people not only look younger ( which everyone loves!) but they also inspire others to not only take good care of the vessel carrying the soul, but the soul itself.

Keeping Healthy

I encourage you to join me here on mckoysnews.com for an inspiring 2018. A Healthy you is not only your wish, but mine also and I intend to make sure that every time you stop by, it will be worth the read. Thanks for stopping by. Don’t forget to like, share and comment on mckoysnews.com. You can also give me feedback by emailing irieamber@gmail. com and find me on Social Media @djambeririefm.

Until next time… Remember ” Your body is your vehicle for awakening. treat it with care” (Buddha)


Amber is not a Doctor. Information and statements made here are for educational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor.  The views and nutritional advice expressed are not a diagnosis and not intended to substitute your Doctor’s service. If you have a medical condition or health concern, see your physician to get professional advice.

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