A Football with Electric Power

Introducing the energy harnessing football ‘The sOccket’

Imagine you and your friends actively engulfed in an intense football game in your community, you’re winning of course, but football is no ordinary ball. With every kick, you create electrical energy that can power an LED light bulb to help you study, charge your cell phone or other small devices. 30 minutes of play gives up to 3 hours of light. The ball is only 2 ounces heavier than a regular football and doesn’t deflate.

The SOccket was co-created by African-American inventor Jessica O. Matthews at the age of 19 years old. Jessica is the CEO, and Founder of Uncharted Power Inc., an award-winning renewable power company. Their mission is to use renewable kinetic energy to generate clean, consistent, fun, and cost-efficient energy solutions.

The tech project received praised by Bill Gates and Bill Clinton with industry leaders pushing for a SOocket in every school. 

The company is based in New York City, however, all its products are available online. The $99 Soccket, follows the buy-one-give-one model. Each Soccket purchased one is given away free to a child in need. Jessica and her team continue to make a huge impact in Mexico, and Brazil.

Written by Maliaka Bryce 


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