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91 Clarendon Murders Since the Start of 2017

Clarendon, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – 91 Clarendon Murders: Since the start of 2017 a total of 91 persons have been brutally murdered in the parish of Clarendon and the police in the parish say they have now stepped up security presence and patrols at a number of communities and troubled spots throughout the parish.

The latest victim, an elderly higgler, who resided at Inverness Drive in Sandy Bay was shot and killed by gunmen on Tuesday night (August 22, 2017). Investigators say the victim was at home with her teenaged daughter and common law husband when gunmen invaded their home. The men opened fire killing her on the spot and shot and injured the male and the teenager, who managed to flee the scene and sought refuge elsewhere.

The gunmen then set the house on fire and also set their motor vehicle which was parked in the yard on fire.

Community members told Mckoys News that the victim’s son was taken into custody by the Clarendon police on murder charges in 2016 and this could be a motive for the attack on the family.

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