9 Year Old Girl Shot in West Kingston

9 Year Old Girl Shot in West Kingston, Alleged Gang Retaliation

Kingston, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) 9 Year Old Girl Shot in West Kingston: A nine-year-old girl is now admitted to the hospital fighting for her life, after gunmen shot up her neigbourhood in Denham Town, West Kingston shooting her on Saturday, May 20.

Police reports are that at about 9:30 pm on Saturday, the girl was walking in the Denham Town community when a group of gunmen came into the are and opened fire, hitting her.

The gunmen then fled the area. The child was found lying on the street, suffering from gunshot wounds.

She was rushed to hospital in critical condition.

Residents say there have been a surge of shootings in the area, leaving at least five persons dead and at some 20 persons injured in the month.

The shootings are believed to be attacks of gang warfare, with rival gang affiliation.

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