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9 Illegal Firearms Seized in St James in 5 Days

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St James Jamaica (Mckoys News) – 9 Illegal Firearms Seized: The St James police have seized a total of 9 illegal weapons in only 5 days. A total of 119 illegal firearms have been seized from the streets of the parish along with several hundred assorted rounds of ammunition since January 2017.

As the Area One Special Operations Team continues on their drive to rid the parish of illegal weapons, a large number of illegal guns and men have been taken into custody. Most of these illegal guns were seized in communities such as Flankers and the Lilliput areas. Since Sunday of this week 4 M-16 rifles, 1 Shot Gun, an Uzi Sub Machine Gun and three 9mm pistols were seized.

Since the start of September over 25 illegal firearms and over 400 rounds of ammunition have been seized across the parish. The police have also stated that more than a dozen men have been taken into custody in connection with these seizures.

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