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8 Persons Fatally Shot by Police in Western Jamaica over the Past Three Months

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Jamaica News, April 10, 2018 – 8 Persons Fatally Shot by Police

St James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Over the past three months of 2018, a total of eight persons have been fatally shot by the joint military in Western Jamaica and several teams attached to the Independent Commission of Investigation, are now carrying out investigations into these shootings.

Director of Complaints for INDECOM western branch,  Errol Chateau told our news team that, although no irregularities has been detected surrounding any of these shootings, the investigators at INDECOM are still out in the field doing various investigations.

During the entire period of 2017, the parish of St James recorded over a dozen fatal shootings and with only three months gone by, five fatal shootings have been recorded in St James alone.

The most recent fatal shooting incident involved three unidentified gunmen, who were shot and killed by the joint military in the Amity Hall policing area over two weeks ago.

The police have also indicated that they will be pulling all stops to flush out criminals and bring them to Justice during the remainder of the year.

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