76-year-old Woman Picked up by MOH

A 76-year-old woman, who is one of the persons who have been asked to report to the health authorities after arriving on the island, recently, but failing to follow the applicable public quarantine protocol, has been picked up and tested for the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19).

It is being indicated that officers from the Ministry of Health went to a Corporate Area community on Friday and picked up the woman who was exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

This is amid the concerns among police personnel who serve the community, who are said to have indicated that the woman, if found to be carrying the virus, could have triggered more cases of the virus in the community where she has been in an unchecked state for some time.

It is not clear if the woman had voluntarily informed the Ministry of Health or her situation came to the fore after she started exhibiting the symptoms of the virus.

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