63 Per Cent of Students Show Proficiency in Social Studies

Jamaica News: Minister with responsibility for Education, Youth and Information, Hon. Karl Samuda, says the results from the first sitting of the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) are showing that students had the best outcome in the subject of Social Studies.

“Based on the results, 63 per cent of students who sat the test have demonstrated proficiency or advanced proficiency in knowledge, skills and competencies required by the National Standard Curriculum in Social Studies,” he said.

“This is commendable in that there was a greater emphasis on students’ ability to apply research skills in the Social Studies context. Bearing this in mind, the majority of the students would have shown that they have achieved the knowledge, skills and competencies,” he added.

Minister Samuda was addressing a press conference at the Ministry’s National Heroes Circle head office in Kingston on Friday (June 21) to announce the grade-six results for PEP.

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He noted further that 34 per cent of the students are considered to be developing in the area of Social Studies, with 12 per cent on the cusp of moving into the proficient category.

“These students are considered to be borderline students and with some targeted support, will develop the skills that will enable them to become proficient,” he said.

Analysis of performance in the other subjects shows that 55 per cent of students who sat Language Arts demonstrated proficiency or advanced proficiency in the concepts, procedures and application of skills required by the National Standards Curriculum; 49 per cent for Science; and 40 per cent for Mathematics.

PEP has replaced GSAT as the national secondary school entrance test. It is intended to provide a better and more complete profile of students’ academic and critical-thinking capabilities at the end of primary-level education.

The grade-six students were tested in three stages with a Performance Task Test on March 27 and 28, an Ability Test on February 26; and a Curriculum Based Test on April 16 and 17.

School administrators and parents were provided with the grade-six results on June 21.


Source: JIS News


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