62-year-old mother dies from injury allegedly sustained from her son

It was a bitter Mother’s Day celebration on Sunday for the family of 62-year-old Charmaine Henry. She allegedly died from an injury she sustained a week earlier while separating a fight between her sons.

Henry, of a Seville Heights, St Ann, address, reportedly died at the St Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital on Friday after being readmitted following a previous visit to treat a wound she accidentally sustained at home.

According to police reports, on Saturday, May 2, Henry was at home when her two sons got into a brawl. She intervened and received a chop wound to the left side of her head.

She was taken to the St Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital, where she was treated and released. The police say she was readmitted to the hospital on May 8 and died that same day.

It is unclear if the death was a direct result of the chop wound she sustained.

The police are continuing their investigations into the matter.

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