6 in Critical Condition Following Spring Garden Head-on Crash

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St. James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Spring Garden Head-on Crash: 6 people were rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital in critical condition following their involvement in a bloody two vehicular collision which occurred along the Spring Gardens main road in St James on Wednesday morning, May 10.

Reports by the Anchovy police are that shortly after 10:00 am on Wednesday the driver of a white Toyota Corolla motor car was travelling at top speed from the directions of Great River towards Montego Bay.

Spring Garden Head-on Crash (Photo Mckoy's News)
Spring Garden Head-on Crash (Photo Mckoy’s News)

On reaching a section of the Spring Gardens main road, in the vicinity of the Chalet Carib Apartment resort the driver drove through a police spot check and was in the process of overtaking another vehicle when he collided head on into a Honda motor car which was traveling in the opposite direction.

Two male which were travelling in the Corolla and four persons including three female who were travelling in the Honda motor car all sustained head and body injuries.

Spring Garden Head-on Crash (Photo Mckoy's News)
Spring Garden Head-on Crash (Photo Mckoy’s News)

The accident resulted in a major traffic pile up which stretched for miles and the injured persons had to be transported from the scene by ambulance. Police utility vehicle and private buses.

The scene was visited by the Anchovy police.

Fire fighters from the Montego Bay, Freeport Fire Department and members of Jamaica Defense Forces who spent hours addressing the massive traffic pile up and the removing of debris from the roadway.

Spring Garden Head-on Crash
Spring Garden Head-on Crash (Photo Mckoy’s News)


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