6 Dancehall & Reggae Artistes To Watch In 2020

As the Jamaican government tightens islandwide curfews to combat the spread of COVID-19, it is times like these when the real players in the game will stay relevant and be recognized.

Already, some artiste are struggling to adjust to this new normal while others are either finding their footing or maintaining their stance.

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Orrett Chusney

Orrett Chusney CEO of Reggae Release, a digital media company that deals with music distribution, music & artiste promotion, Marketing and Events planning, said there are a few upcoming artistes to look out for in the 2020-2021 period based on the work they are putting in now.

In no particular order:

1. Chronic Law

Chronic Law has been creating a wave since his break out year with hits such as Hillside.  His recent beef with Jahmiel is also creating buzz and churning out hits like Relevant.

“Me nuh think him reach him potential yet but I think there is great optimism for what he can do and will do… There is room for that full potential” Chusney said.

2. D’yani

“He has a brilliant song out now called Heaven Telegraph and I see him getting a push from Down Sound. He has a very unique sound and he was doing good works before COVID-49, he was really penetrating the market for a good two to three months. I personally said he was going to be the next Dexta Daps or Mavado with his unique sound”.

3. Daine Blaze

“He is an emerging talent. Not really known by the masses but has his own underground following with a song out called Wake Up List that is getting good rotation on zip and Suncity radio…He is a good performer and I see him going really far”.

4. Jada Kingdom

Jada Kingdom has managed to remain relevant, with her unique sound. With her newest single Warning, the Banana singer has experienced many successes with hits such as Love Situation and gaining street credit with Shen-Heng, a Shensea diss track.

5. Lavish

“She has a song out called Blessing that is receiving heavy rotation. Very good performer, very good sound and very good writer.”

6. The Gideon and Selah

“They represent a new sound of Reggae music. They took a break from it but now they are back and sounding good. I think they have the potential to do what Koffee did in terms of breaking that new sound to the Reggae audience”.

The Gideon & Selah : Badadeng [Flavour Production]

Chusney said those who continue to take breaks instead of pushing out music will pay the consequences for complacency.  “If you had momentum before you have to continue, you can’t break with the crisis you have to see the opportunity within the crisis” 


Source: Dancehallmag

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