4 Nigerian children become doctors like their father

4 Nigerian children become doctors like their father

– All four children of a Nigerian family have become doctors just like their father – The news became an instant media sensation when it broke online – The achievement of the children reflect the importance of good parenting Despite the fact that parenting could be a very hard task, some people still make it seem

perfect in the way they go about it. A Nigerian-American family has set a new standard in parenting as all their four children became doctors like their father.

This kind of thing could only have been achieved through dedication and a great parenting skill, without leaving out the place of the community that would allow such growth.

In the 1970s, the uncle of the children when to the US for greener pasture and came back to Nigeria as a surgeon. Photo credit: WASBT Source: UGC WASBT reports that the children’s uncle, Herbert Oye, also a doctor, left Nigeria in the 1970s in pursuit of dreams in the US. Read

He attended medical school and became a vascular surgeon, before he moved back to Nigeria to open his hospital.

The four Nigerian children who all became doctors are David, Monique, Michele, and Melissa Oye. Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that two sisters Tara Howard and Tori Drinkard, nurses at the Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Centre, contributed greatly to humanity as they helped deliver a set of twins.

The woman identified as Rebecca Williams gave birth to twins called Addison and Emma. Irish Post reports that it is the first time the two sisters were working together in the same delivery room.

Another amazing thing about the two sisters is that they were born in the same hospital 26 years ago. One of the two sisters, Tori is working in the neonatal intensive care unit.

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