39 Alleged Lottery Scammers Arrested during Early Morning Raid, in St Ann

The St Ann Police have confirmed that they have arrested thirty-nine persons, which includes 28 men, and 11 women, who are believed to be involved in the ongoing Illegal Lottery Scamming.

The investigators have not released the identity of the persons taken into custody, but have confirmed that they were taken into custody during an early morning operation carried out at the Clock Tower Guest House, in Discovery Bay, St Ann.

Reports by the Discovery Bay police are that, the lawmen received information that persons believed to be involved in suspicious activity were booked into the guest house as guests.

Based on these reports, the raid was carried out at the location, which resulted in several rooms being searched, and the persons taken into custody.

The lawmen also seized a number of electronic devices and sheets containing information and addresses of persons residing overseas, which are used in the lottery scam.

A disc Jockey who was being sought in connection with a recent double murder in Steer Town, St Ann, was among persons arrested, while the other accused are said to be from parishes such as St James, St Catherine, Clarendon, Trelawny, and St Ann.

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