$323M Road Rehabilitation Project For Trelawny

$323M Road Rehabilitation Project For Trelawny

The Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation will be undertaking a major $323-million road rehabilitation project in Trelawny.

Minister without Portfolio, Hon. Everald Warmington, made the disclosure while speaking with journalists following a tour of sections of the parish on Wednesday (September 1).

He advised that the repairs would include asphalting, patching, and drainage improvement.

Mr. Warmington indicated that phase one of the project will focus on roadways leading from Falmouth to Springvale, Salt Marsh to Kent as well as those running through the communities of Jackson Town, Deeside, and Dromilly, among others.

He advised that $20 million each has been allocated to execute phase-one works on the corridor from Rio Bueno to Jackson Town, Deeside to Dromilly, and Salt Marsh to Kent.

Additionally, Mr. Warmington said work on the Wakefield to Deeside Road is expected to cost approximately $218 million.

The Minister stated that he will be visiting other areas across the country to see what level of improvement needs to be carried out on the road networks.






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