30 Groups Receive Training Through Digicel Foundation 15 Strong Campaign

Kingston, Jamaica: The Digicel Foundation and the UWI Centre for Entrepreneurship partnered to provide a one-day training session for community development groups. Held at the Mona School of Business Management on Thursday, October 30, the training was led by Dr K’adamawe K’nife and focused on developing business plans and delivering a strong “elevator pitch”.

The Digicel Foundation has been travelling island-wide in search of 15 community development projects to partner with as a part of the Foundation’s 15th Anniversary celebration. The 30 groups selected for the training are the top 30 applicants for the Digicel Foundation 15th Anniversary Grant. Under the theme “15 Strong”, one group will be selected from each parish with a bonus group selected to round out the top 15.

Digicel Foundation is the only corporation who is focusing on social enterprises,” said K’nife, who emphasised the importance of delivering a strong pitch when applying for grants.

The training is not just an opportunity for the group to interact with the Digicel Foundation,” said Miguel ‘Steppa’ Williams, Community Development Programme Officer at the Digicel Foundation. “There are two groups shortlisted from every parish, plus two ‘brawta’; this is an opportunity for the community groups to interact, find synergies and find out how they can support each other.

Each group delivered a two-minute pitch presentation as a part of the training session. Prior to the training, the groups were visited by members of the Digicel Foundation board to meet members of the communities and view the project sites.

Digicel Foundation will celebrate 15 years of community development in Jamaica on November 10, 2019. The 15 Strong campaign is in keeping with the Foundation’s commitment to creating a Jamaica where no one gets left behind. It is expected to impact a variety of projects, including agro-enterprises, environmental projects, manufacturing startups and training programmes.

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