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3 murders in Norwood St James

Six Shot, Two Fatal, in River Heights, Tavern, St Andrew


Three men were shot and killed and a woman injured,  in two separate incidents in a 12-hour period, in Norwood, St James between Friday afternoon and early this morning.

Dead are 20-year-old Nicardo Daley, of Pimento Drive, Montego Hills and 47-year-old Donovan Reid of Hollywood, Norwood and 50 year-old Aubrey Brown, otherwise called Brom, a plumber of Irie Lane  Norwood, all in St James.

Reports are that around 3:30 in the afternoon, Friday, Daley and Reid were among patrons at a bar in Hollywood when two men pounced upon them and opened fire. Daley and Reid and a woman were hit. They were taken to hospital where Daley and Reid were pronounced dead and the woman admitted.

In the other incident, according to the Montego Hills police, shortly after midnight Brown was walking along the roadway in Norwood. Near his gate, on Irie Lane, he was attacked by armed men, robbed and shot in the head. Police said the gunmen set ablaze a Toyota Altis motorcar along the roadway. Fire personnel and police responded, and Brown’s body was seen on the roadway

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