Dancehall Queen

Sandy Bay, Hanover (Mckoy’s News)Dancehall Queen: The first staging of the Western Dancehall Queen Competition was held recently at the Jeggae Lee Entertainment Complex in Sandy Bay, Hanover. Spanish Town dancer Neaty, was the winner selected from seven other contestants. She won $20,000 plus a trophy. She showed off some top-class dance movements, and from her first appearance, she was the crowd’s favorite. The competition was in her favour since all judges gave her the highest points.

For the show, Crystal Music with Ian and the crew provided entertainment during the intermission for the large sized audience, while Allan Ranks, the action master was the mc for the competition. The promoter for the show was Jeggae Lee.

Dancers in the Western Dancehall Queen contest showcased their skills at the show. The contest was won by Spanish Town Dancer Neaty.


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