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26-Year-Old Florida Man Killed in Jamaica by Female Driver Accident

Lucea, Hanover (McN) – An American tourist died from injuries he sustained from a motor vehicle accident in Lucea, Hanover on Sunday afternoon, April 9. The Florida man killed in Jamaica was buying fruits on the Hanover roadway when a female driver crashed her car into him.

Gilbert Randy Jones, 26-year-old of 4409 West Clifton Street, Florida, USA, who was visiting Jamaica, died while undergoing treatment at hospital for injuries from a vehicle slamming into him.

Reports on the tragic death of Florida Man Killed in Jamaica, are that about 4:30 pm, a passenger bus carrying tourists stopped at a vendors stand on the roadside of the Johnson Town, Lucea main road to purchase fruits.

Minutes later a female driver a grey Toyota Picnic motor vehicle heading towards Lucea, reportedly lost of control of the vehicle which crashed into the left side of the bus where Jones was standing.

Jones was rush to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he received immediate treatment, he was pronounced dead at about 7:30 pm.

The driver of the Toyota motorcar was taken into custody by the Lucea police, for questioning.

NOTE: This is a correction article to an earlier news article, after Mckoy’s News received clarification information on the age and name of the victim.

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