25-year-old Jamaican Man Turned Down US$3 Million Offer Made By A 84 Year Old American Woman for Relationship

Jamaican Man Turned Down US$3 Million Offer: The McKoy’s News Team had the opportunity of hearing an intriguing story of a Montego Bay young, principled male vendor, who elaborated on how his online dating went awry.

Marcus, a 25-year-old vendor who resides in a prominent community in Montego Bay explained to our news team that his integrity will never have him date a woman, old enough to be his great-grandmother.

Marcus, a very sociable and genuine young guy, who works as a vendor expressed that he became a social media addict when he was introduced to Facebook at age 16. He explained to us that he will never attempt dating another female on any social media platform owing to his past experience.

Marcus started dating at age 20, when his feelings for companionship was getting extreme, where he almost had sex with his cousin. He used to send random friend requests to girls he saw on Facebook, just hoping to fall in love one day. Whenever his requests were accepted, he initiated the conversation with questions like Are you single? Or Do you like me?

After relaying those messages, the girls would respond by asking him one question, which was, Are you rich? That question alone turned him off completely because those girls manifested themselves as ‘money-grabbers’, not a wife material, as he expressed to our news team.

Living in his parent’s house, without a mother or a father, nobody to talk to, nobody to care, ultimately caused him to feel empty and worthless. When questioned about his parents, he burst into tears, and expressed to the news team that they both died when he was 15 years old. He did not say the cause of death.

He was in bed one late evening, reminiscing on the first crush he had in high school, how and where he first had sex and a lot more fun times. Ping…a text came in. Just as he thought, a friend request from a girl. Surprisingly, the profile picture was that of a hot, beautiful, brown girl. He never thought of the girl’s age, but he wondered to himself if it was right to accept a random friend request from a girl who appeared to be less than 18 years of age.

Marcus did not accept the request because he thought to himself that a friend request from an underage girl would not soothe his sexual feelings.  He enjoyed talking about sex with every girl he accepted because it was his only way of being sexually aroused and his only way of being sexually satisfied. Marcus explained to our news team that, he was lying in bed one evening, to his surprise; a message request came on messenger from the same young girl, who he was afraid of accepting on Facebook as a friend.

The message indeed came in at the right time, that time when he wanted a ‘hot chica’ service his mind, soul and body for the entire night, explained Marcus, so he opted to accept the request. He explained to us that it was an animated conversation at that point in time, but what they discussed, was left unsaid. From that night onwards, the hot, young, brown skin girl, Beverly by name, continued sending him messages, which includes, wishing him productive days, and sending morning and late night messages with red cherry lips emojis. Marcus enjoyed the romantic and heartwarming conversations that ‘little Ms Chica’ sent him every day and he was attracted to her. They never did video calling, but he knew she was hot and gorgeous, based on the picture seen.

Marcus was ashamed of telling Beverly about his profession. The night they first started a conversation Marcus told her he was a retired teacher, one who enjoyed ‘beating and teaching.’ Beverly told him that same night she was 17 years old and she lived with her old mother, who was about to die anytime soon. She told him that she was way nicer in person and that she had everything he wanted. She even informed Marcus of her busy schedule, especially every Wednesday, when she would have to report to the doctor for her regular checkups. Believing all of this, he started giving her full attention.

Beverly started getting more attached to Marcus that every night she would service his mind, soul and body over the phone with her ‘hot’ photos from her phone gallery

Marcus explained to us that one day, he asked Beverly to visit him, but Beverly told him she was too young to travel by herself and she would need assistance for her mom, before thinking about travelling. She even informed Marcus that she would have to wait until its holiday time from her school before she can consider meeting him.

The day Marcus and Beverly started talking was the day Marcus’ life transformed into happiness, having lived a life of misery, since his parent’s death.  Marcus started paying keen attention to his hygiene and his physical appearance. He tried as hard as possible to buy pills and utilize the gym to burn the excess tummy fat that he had, for a guy of age 25, and started articulating and chewing words.

Marcus started feeling more comfortable talking to Beverly because he envisioned their friendship turning into a husband and wife story, which was what he wanted. He made it one of his duties to wake in the mornings and send his lovely morning quotes to his young girlfriend. He browsed the internet to find pictures of his milk-white suit he would love to wear on the day of his wedding with the hot, sexy, Beverly. Marcus did not know Beverly’s personal information; all he knew was that he wanted her to be with him.

He relayed his feelings to Beverly and she decided to visit him. He started getting closer to her knowing that his potential wife will be visiting him to spend time together and make love that he had not experienced for a long while.

Marcus woke up to a message one day that caused him to feel terrified. There was a message from Beverly that read,

“I wanted to say something to you but I am just getting the opportunity to do so. I will never leave your side. I will never go away from you. For the couple months we’ve been talking, my life has been changed. Most of all, my heart and my outlook on life, have been transformed into something more positive. I have become younger in my mind and body. You make me feel younger each day. I need you by my side and I need to know you will be here.”

When he glanced at the second line, he exhaled deeply, having thought it was a break-up message, but seeing it was something meaningful. Tears ran down his cheeks and his mind was solely on Beverly. He looked at the message once more in awe and closed his eyes and started thinking about his response.

He sent a message to Beverly, clearly stating that he will never leave her and he will always be by her side. He never really paid attention to the entire message, only the lines that spoke about her love for him, because his emotions were stirred. Marcus started becoming closer to Beverly that he called her romantic names like honey, baby, wifey and other names. He sent her a message to express his love towards her. It read,

“Beverly I love you. I love you so much that I will never leave you. You are the air I breathe, the food I eat, the happiness I feel and the gas that energizes me each day. I want you to be my wife for life…I hope you can say yes.”

He sent the message to Beverly and waited for a response from her. Beverly read the message and responded with YES, followed by several exclamation marks. He felt so contented and relaxed within himself knowing that his potential wife, who he will be marrying when she turns age 18, is already expressing genuine love to him. All these expressions were only for a time. Everything went awry.

He explained to our News Team that the shock of his life came on May 25th of this, when his potential wife, Beverly, sent him a picture in the morning of an old woman, with wrinkled, cracked skin and smoky eyes. Never saw that person before and curious to know who it was, he asked Beverly, if that was her great-grandmother. He waited a while for a response, after realizing that the message was read, but there was no response. He then sent her another message.

 “I am sorry darling, my baby girl if I have insulted your old grandma. Please do not be upset, I was just stating the obvious.”

 There was still no answer. Couple minutes after, his phone rang. He quickly accepted the call when he saw the Caller ID picture of his girlfriend showed up on the screen. He quickly answered the call because he had been anticipating hearing the voice of his ‘hot chica’. An adenoidal dead voice greeted him with a warm good morning. He never responded because he was wondering why Beverly gave the phone to her grandmother, knowing she has breathing problems and throat issues, because of how she sounded

.He listened again and just as he thought, the dead voice of an old woman continued speaking. Marcus was about to ask if he could speak with Beverly, when the old lady told him she was Beverly, his potential wife. Marcus was muted with surprise and he wanted to ask her about the ‘hot chica’ whose picture he saw on facebook, and the ‘hot chica’ who serviced his sexual life every night with her breath-taking, sexy body pictures.

Even though he was surprised, he was an irate guy at that point in time. He started yelling at Beverly ‘his love’ and asked her if she wanted him to lock her up for fooling a young man. Marcus explained to us that he wanted to kill himself because he fell in love with a ‘teenage’ girl via Facebook and texting, and when he received the call from this girl, she suddenly transformed into an old white woman who was offering him US$ 3 million to forge a relationship with her and later get married. The lady told Marcus that she will take good care of him and he can take good care of her. She said that she would give him the money and please him anyway possible.

Beverly sent a message via Facebook Messenger to Marcus.

“I want you to be my little man. You are so cute and intelligent, you can be my toy. Being the teacher you are, you need a nice woman to take good care of you and feed you with love. I want you.”

Marcus did not reply to the message. He blocked Beverly and focused on his vending profession. He expressed his regrets for meeting Beverly, even though he did not know much about her, like her real age and her name, only her address. He said that the pictures Beverly sent to him were pictures of a nude, renowned, celebrity, and he realized that one night when he was browsing the internet and he saw them.

Marcus would like to inform everyone that exercising caution online is very important. He expressed to our news team that he learned from that day the importance of not giving up your heart to random people, take time to know a person. He said his integrity and his principles will never allow him to sleep with a woman, who could be a grandmother for the universe.


NB: Names were changed to protect the character’s identity.

By: Ackeem Smith

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