24-hour curfew in St Catherine extended

The 24-hour curfew in St Catherine has been extended from tomorrow morning, Tuesday to Thursday, April 30.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the additional time was needed by public health personnel to make contact with people in St Catherine who had been in contact with persons confirmed as positive. He was speaking at a digital media briefing now taking place (Monday evening, April 27)

Mr. Holness said the partial lock-down of St Catherine had been working well after initial difficulties. He said Cabinet has spent some time reviewing the situation in St Catherine and decided the lock-down had to be extended.

He said there were, in terms of contact tracing, about 300 more persons within St Catherine that the public health personnel want to interview.

“There is good reason to extend the measures for St Catherine,” Mr. Holness said

He gave data to show the concentration of cases in St Catherine, the majority of them from the workplace cluster. He did not name the call centre Alorica from which most of the St Catherine cases have come. Alorica is responsible for more than 180 of the 364 cases so far confirmed in Jamaica.

He said, “we have largely contained the outbreak in St Catherine to the cluster at the workplace.”

He said more time was needed to contact persons associated and to interview them and likely remove them from the community.

He then announced the 24-hour-curfew for St Catherine is to be extended for a further three days from Tuesday, April 28 to Thursday,  April 30.

He reminded that today Monday was a shopping day and Tuesday would be a stocking day or “no movement day.”


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