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Video: Caught on Tape, Chinese Businesswoman Slaps Female Student

Chinese Woman who Slapped Girl, Chinese Businesswoman Slaps Female Student

Jamaica News, January 12, 2018 Trelawny, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Chinese Businesswoman Slaps Female Student: the Jamaica Constabulary Forced announced this morning via Facebook that the Chinese businesswoman who was caught on tape slapping a teenage girl in Trelawny has been charged with Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm. 53-year-old Chinese national Yuemei Pan, was arrested and…

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Police Recover Gun Used in Hanover Fish Fry Shoot-out

Illegal Gun Bust

Jamaica News, January 12, 2018  Hanover, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Hanover Fish Fry Shoot-out: The Hanover police have reported that the firearm which is believed to have been the weapon used in the shooting and wounding of seven persons at a fish fry event held in Montpelier, Sandy Bay on December 17, 2017,  was seized…

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St James Common-Law Couple Plead Guilty to Murder

Committal Hearing Set for Double Murder Accused

Jamaica News, January 12, 2018 St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) –  St James Common-Law Couple Plead Guilty: A St James common-law couple pleaded guilty to murder when they both appeared in the Montego Bay Circuit Court on Thursday, January 11. Both accused 27-year-old Demo Rickets, laborer of Guinea Hill District in Springfield, St James, and…

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WARNING: St James Female Kidnappings by Gunmen in Fake Taxi

Flankers Taxi Operator Shot

Jamaica News,  January 12, 2018  Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Female Hotel Workers Kidnapped: The St James police say they are now carrying out a search for one of two female workers who was reportedly kidnapped by two armed robbers posing as a taxi operator and passenger in Montego Bay on Thursday evening, January…

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Trelawny Double Murder Suspect Released after Investigations

Trelawny Family Shot

Jamaica News, 12, 2018  Trelawny, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Trelawny Double Murder Suspect Released: the Trelawny police have reports that the male person of interest who was taken into custody late December in connection with the murders of an 8-year-old student and a 25-year-old female, as well as, the shooting and wounding of four other…

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Canterbury Man Charged with Westmoreland Quadruple Murder

Westmoreland Quadruple Murder, Four Bodies Found Burnt

Jamaica News, January 12, 2018 Westmoreland, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Canterbury Man Charged: the Westmoreland police say they have now laid criminal charges against a St James man in connection with the murders of four persons in the parish on November 24, 2017. According to investigators, the accused 27-year-old Ryan Dean Letsman, unemployed of 12 1/2…

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JLP Activist Killed in Clarendon 2018 Double Murder

91 Clarendon Murders

Jamaican News, January 12, 2018 Clarendon, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Clarendon 2018 Double Murder: Wednesday’s double murder marks Clarendon’s eighth (8) murder in the ten (10) days, since the start of the year. On Wednesday morning a female political activist and a friend were gunned down in her home in the parish, while one other person…

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Residents Form Human Roadblock, Police Commsioner Called in

Human Roadblock in St Mary

Jamaican News, January 12, 2018 St Mary, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) –  Human Roadblock in St Mary: Police in Boscobel, St Mary was left motionless against dozens of angry residents in the area who used their bodies as roadblocks in protest of what they say is the police killing of a man known as Blessed, of…

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Submachine Gun Seized in 50-Year-Old Westmoreland Man’s Home

Illegal Gun

Jamaica News, January 12, 2016 Westmoreland, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Submachine Gun Seized: a 50-year-old Westmoreland man allegedly dealing in drugs and fined JMD $40,000 for breaches of the Dangerous Drugs Act, is now facing more serious charges after police investigators uncovered high powered illegal weapons and several rounds of ammunition in a search of his…

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St Ann Wanted Men Killed in Shoot-out with Police Operation

St James gangs

Jamaican News, January 12, 2018 Ocho Rios, St Ann, (Mckoy’s News)- St Ann Wanted Men Killed: two men police term as armed and dangerous, and wanted in the parish of St Ann in connection with several serious crimes across the parish, were shot and killed by members of the police force in the Parry Town…

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