Two Charged Alleged Lottery Scamming Under State of Public Emergency


Jamaica Crime News, Westmoreland, Two men who the Westmoreland police say are major players in the lottery scamming were both sentenced when they appeared in the Westmoreland parish Court on Tuesday, May 22nd.

The men who were both facing charges of being in Possession of Identity Information have been identified as, Damane Williams and Shane Burton, both of Westmoreland addresses.

Williams who was taken into custody on April 1st pleaded guilty in court on May 3rd. He was sentenced to pay a fine of $350,000 or serve two years imprisonment at hard labor.  In addition, Williams was sentenced to another four years in prison suspended for three years.

Burton was fined $250,000 or served the said prison sentencing of two years at hard labor.  He was also ordered another four years suspended until three years.

By: Henry Buckner

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