2 Wanted Men, 4 Persons of Interest Taken into Custody in Westmoreland   

Jamaica Crime News, Westmoreland: Two men who were recently listed as “wanted men” in the parish of Westmoreland and four other men who were listed as “Persons of Interest” were all taken into custody, on May 4 and May 5.

As the security forces move on their operations throughout the parish, a total of seven men and two women have been detained since last Thursday and are now being questioned in connection with a number of crimes across the parish.

Both men who were being sought for murder and hails from the Paul Island areas of Grange Hill have been identified as, Hilidene Hamilton, otherwise called “Fishy” and 30-year-old Jeffrey Ramdars, otherwise called “Boogie”.

Both men turned themselves over at the Negril and Grange Hill Stations respectively on Thursday and Friday.

The four Persons of Interest who did likewise have been identified as, Cassinero Shields of Rocky Hole in Frome, Tevin Tomlinson, otherwise called “Nandy” of Sterling District in Grange Hill,  Derval Williams, otherwise called “Lukie” of Kings Valley and Eggerton Gordon, otherwise called “Jason”  of Church Lincoln.

The police have also noted that, so far a total of six of the ten men listed as “Wanted” and as “Persons of Interest” are now in police custody. Four still remain at large.

The police also stated that they will continue with these operations until the parish is rid of these criminals and criminal elements.


By Henry Bucknor

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