2 Teens Allegedly Raped High School Classmate And Threatened Her

2 Teens Allegedly Raped High School Classmate And Threatened Her

Maryland, United States of America(People)- 2 Teens Allegedly Raped High School Classmate And Threatened Her: Two teenage males have been arrested and charged with the alleged kidnapping and rape of a female classmate — and a third suspect remains at large, according to a statement from Frederick, Maryland, police.

Police allege the victim, 18, was grabbed by three young men while she was walking into her house around 12:30 a.m. in the Hillcrest neighborhood of Fredrick, Maryland, on Sept. 2.

Police allege the teenager was struck and had her hair pulled, and that she was forced into a vehicle and driven to a nearby apartment where she was held captive for several hours. While there, she was allegedly raped by two of the men while the third, who kept his face covered, filmed the attack on a cellphone, according to the statement.

Upon her release, the teen was allegedly threatened with further harm if she reported the rape to authorities, with one of the suspects allegedly saying, “Next time it will be worse,” the statement says.

However, she went to authorities and accused Edgar Chicas-Hernandez, 17, and Victor Gonzalez Gutierres, 19, whom she allegedly recognized from the high school they all attend.

According to the statement, both men are being held without bail. Chicas-Hernandez was arrested on Sept. 12, charged as an adult with first-degree rape and kidnapping. Gonzalez Gutierres was arrested the following day and also charged with first-degree rape and kidnapping.

The alleged victim did not recognize the voice of the third suspect, for whom police are still searching, the statement says.

Did Younger Girl Orchestrate Alleged Attack?

Police also allege that messages sent through a social media site showed the suspects had been planning the attack with an acquaintance of the alleged victim, according to the statement.

The acquaintance is identified as a female who is younger than the alleged victim in charging documents obtained by The Frederick News-PostShe is suspected to have orchestrated the alleged crime, the outlet reports, but no charges have been filed against her.

“This is very, very rare in my experience,” Detective Joe Palkovic, an assistant supervisor in the Frederick Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division, told The Frederick News-Post. “The violence of it and the nature of the crime, the fact that this involves someone laying in wait, kidnapping the victim and then taking her to a separate location to rape her, is very rare.”

“This was not a case of mistaken identity or random attack. This was definitely they knew each other. As to their motive, we don’t know the answer to that question,” Alcorn told WBAL-11.

The Frederick Police Department is asking that anyone with any further information call the Frederick Police Department at 301-600-2102. Callers wishing to remain anonymous can contact the department by phone 301-600-TIPS (8477), text at 240-674-TIPS (8477), or email fpdcrimetip@frederickmdpolice.org.

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