2 of 3 Men Shot during Armed Attack in Java, Tivoli Gardens, have Died

The Denham Town police have confirmed that two of the three men who were shot and injured by gunmen, in Tivoli Gardens, on Wednesday night, March 24, have died.

Investigators have released the identity of one of the men as, 40-year-old Charles Williams, a higgler also of Tivoli Gardens, while the other deceased remains unidentified.

The third victim remains at hospital in serious condition.

Reports by the Denham Town police are that shortly after 7:00 pm, Williams and a group of persons were sitting on a wall at a section of the community known as ‘Java’, when they were pounced upon by heavily armed men.

The men opened fire hitting Williams along with the unidentified male, and the other victim who is presently at hospital.

The police were summoned and upon arrival, Williams and the two other men were found suffering from gunshot wounds.

They were rushed to hospital, where Williams and the unidentified male were pronounced dead, and the other man treated, and admitted in serious but stable condition.

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