Police charged a 26-y-o St Ann man for illegal firearm possession, robbery

$2-Million Dollar Robbery in Manchester

Latest Jamaica News, Manchester (McKoy’s News): The Mandeville police have launched a manhunt for three armed men, who pulled off a daring daylight robbery in the parish on Tuesday morning, November 5, and robbed a Chinese businessman of cash amounting to over $2-million dollars.

Investigators say the incident took place in the late hours of the morning, while the Chinese businessman was attempting to deposit the cash at a nearby bank.

Reports are that the three men who wore masks attacked the Chinese businessman and held him at gunpoint. He was then robbed of his cellular phones and a bag containing cash estimated in the regions of over $2-million dollars.

The mask gunmen then made off with the loot in broad daylight, before the police arrived on the scene. A search was also carried out for the robbers which proved futile.

Over the recent months, several Chinese businessmen and a number of institutions in Manchester have been the prime targets of armed robbers.

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