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17-Year-Old Cincinnati Ohio Teen Couple Commits Suicide

Antonio Mckoy CEO - Mckoy's News

Cincinnati, Ohio (Mckoy’s News) –  Reports are still devolving in this report, we have been informed of a Tragic Story of Love, Social Media Harassment and Suicide. A Cincinnati Ohio Teen Couple killed themselves days apart.

Information is that an Cincinnati Teen known who’s name is Mercedes Shaday Smith is believed to have taken her own life a few day earlier. Later Markeice “Mari” Brown her boyfriend is believed to have killed himself on Saturday April 22.

According to media reports in to Mckoy’s News, after the alleged SUICIDE of Mercedes, her friends allegedly began a barrage of harassment against Markeice on Social Media.

The loss of his love and the blame that he caused her death was too much for the 17-year-old Brown, he allegedly followed with death by SUICIDE.

Social Media is now referring to the Markeice and Mercedes as modern day Romeo and Juliet in light of this tragedy.

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