16 And Pregnant

Dear Mckoy: 16 And Pregnant-  I am 16 and soon to be 17 years old.
Sometimes ago I went to visit my boyfriend who is 18 years old. We both got intimate.   Since then I was feeling a little sick and told my boyfriend.
He suggested that we bought a pregnancy kit and do the test.
The test turned out I’m pregnant.

Since then I have been trying to avoid immediate contact with my parents.
My dad who I assume is taking notice of my changes recently said to my mom. You don’t notice how your daughter is gaining weight.
I am scared to tell them because I’m not sure what they might do.
I need help.


Dear ScaredNow is not the time to be afraid to tell your parents what’s going on with you.  Being 16 and pregnant can be a challenge and even though the age of consent is 16. In most eyes your still a child. I agree.

What I suggest is that you sit down with both your patents and be very open with them so they can assist you in whatever way they believe is best for you.

All the best.

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