143 Confirmed Cases of CoViD-19 in Jamaica up from 125 Yesterday

Latest Jamaica News (April 16, 2020): The Government of the UK has extended the lockdown until May 6.

The Government of the Cayman Islands is reporting that 1,000 people could die during this pandemic. As such, work permit persons who are laid off as a result of the virus, are being assisted with flights to your country of origin.

Several countries are reporting that students who are home as a result of the pandemic, will not return until Sept 2020 and a new school year will be January to December. So September to December 2020 will be used for the loss of time from March to June 2020. No decision has yet been made for Jamaica.

We continue to pray for Jamaica. To be in lockdown as are the residents in St Catherine, must be uncomfortable, but it is what it is.

Wear your mask once you leave your home and wear for only 4-6 hours as it is only effective for that period of time. Discard properly.


By Colin O. Jarrett

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