14-year-old Vere Technical Student Stabbed Viciously

14-year-old Vere Technical Student Stabbed Viciously

14 years old school boy of Vere Technical high in Clarendon was attacked and badly injured, he received multiple knife wounds to his back, chestabdomen. The wounds had caused his lungs to collapsed therefore doctors had to cut open his abdomen to ensure none of his organs were cut or puntured.

The surgery was done and is said to be successful. There was no damage to his organs but a tear on his chest which was corrected. He is now admitted on the surgical ward of the hospital where he is going through a challenging recovery.

It is so sad and frighten when you do your best to ensure that your children gets a good education the results you receive from it is a phone call telling you that they have been injured or killed.

There must be some measures put in place to end the violence especially in schools. School is a learning institution and children’s play ground not a not a war zone.

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