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12-year-old head boy shines bright like a diamond

12-year-old head boy shines bright like a diamond

SS the Showstopper
By SS the Showstopper

Tollgate Primary in Clarendon, Jamaica speaks positively, as their 12-year-old head boy, Everton Mahoney fully comprehends the responsibilities, which come with being head boy.

The young diamond, spoke candidly of the constant challenges he face, being a head boy while having to maintain good grades to remain at the top of his class, but he isn’t perturb by the difficulties, as he understands his duties and work hard each day to balance both.

Every child is different, everyone is unique in their own way; some of them will listen, some might not. But if they retaliate, I know the right person to go to, and that is my guidance counsellor,” he stated.

 “Becoming head boy was one of my major goals. I was never a prefect or monitor, but once I got to grade six there was massive improvement in my grades and I became head boy. There was a time when my grades were low, always in the 70s, now they are all 90s,”

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The 12-year-old head boy is also involved in extra curricular activities, such as the junior school’s challenge quiz and debating math Olympic team, but the well focused young mind is a soldier of academic balance and assertive in his head boy duties.


“Studies are going great. My friends and I have formed a study group and we work out our timetable. I love studying because I have a cousin who makes studying fundamental. On the weekends I’m awake by eight o’clock and I study awake by eight o’clock and I study until 12. After that, I relax,” he said.


“After GSAT, my aim is to make the school a better place, because since October we have been preparing for GSAT, so we have not been able to do any projects. Being head boy has been challenging but it has helped me to be mature,”

Mahoney is hoping to excel in his GSAT and transition to Clarendon College and excel there also.


“I understand the fight and the struggle my mother goes through to send me to school, so I am trying to make her proud.”

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