100 Fatal Accidents

100 Fatal Accidents in Jamaica Since the Year Started

Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Vice Chairman of the National Road Safety Council (NRSC), Dr Lucien Jones, reports that there has been a total of 100 fatal accidents since the start of the year.

According to Dr. Lucien a total of 100 fatal accidents to date is actually a 22 percent decline in road deaths, down from the count as the same time last year of 128 deaths.

He accounted the decline in road deaths to significantly fewer motorcyclist killed in road accidents since the start of the year, he pointed out that deaths from motorcycles have accounted for the majority of road accidents over past years.

Dr. Lucien stated that bases on preliminary statistic reports, it seems that excessive speeding is the the major denominator in road fatalities.

One of the the latest road fatality was reported on Easter Monday morning on the Port Royal main road, about 6: 00 am. The deceased who has been identified as Cecil Prawl, 49-year-old restaurateur of the noted seafood restaurant Gloria’s, on Port Royal, reportedly lost control of his motor vehicle and fatally crashed it.

Dr. Lucien urges drivers to slow down, all parties in a motor vehicle to wear seat belts, motorcyclist and passengers on the pillion to wear protective helmets, and pedestrians to be careful on the street – remove earphones when out.

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