Collymore Arrest, Omar Collymore Charged

10 Year Florida Cold Case Reheats after Collymore Arrest in Jamaica

Jamaica News, February 19, 2018 – Collymore Arrest in Jamaica

St Andrew, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – The 2008 murder case of 38-year-old single mother Angela Aguiar, who was gunned down in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, near her boyfriend Omar Best Collymore, went cold when no one was arrested. Now, Collymore who walked away with US$ 400, 00 life insurance money is arrested and charged in the shooting death of his wife, who had a US$600,00 life insurance policy.

Collymore Arrest in Jamaica: Detectives in the US are in communication with the Jamaican police regarding the similarities between the murders of the two women. The family of Angela Aguiar is hoping for new discoveries which may lead to a break in the Florida Cold Case.

Florida Woman

Angela Aguiar, 38, the 2008 girlfriend of Omar Collymore was gunned down at about 3:30 am. on June 30, 2008, in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Although her killer has not been arrested, court documents in a civil case point out her boyfriend — also her primary life insurance beneficiary — as a suspect.

After resistance from the insurance company, Collymore was awarded US$400,00 from Aguiar’s life insurance policy.

According to Fort Lauderdale Police reports, when the officer responded to Aguiar’s murder scene, he saw Aguiar in the arms of Best Collymore on the ground near the passenger side of their Ford F-150 truck. Reportedly, Omar Best Collymore told police that he and Aguiar were on their way to meet with friends at a downtown Ft Lauderdale bar when he parked the vehicle, got out of the driver’s side and bent down to tie his shoelaces, then he heard a “commotion” and he stood up.

According to the report, Collymore’s statement was that when he stood up, he walked around the back of the truck and saw a white man who appeared to be homeless standing next to Aguiar with a gun. And he ran for cover.

Next, he heard gunshots. When he returned to his vehicle to find his girlfriend, Aguiar was shot.

Jamaican Woman 

Jamaican businesswoman Simone Campbell married Omar Anthony Best-Collymore on May 6, 2010, he moved to Jamaica and had two children with his wife, now 7 and 5 years-old.

Omar Collymore Case, Collymore Arrest
Omar Best Colmore and Wife Simone Collymore

We are told by a source close to the couple that Collymore told Simone that his wealth was a dividend from a car accident in the US.

Omar Collymore’s wife Simone Campbell Collymore was gun down on February 2, 2018, in a cab as she left a meeting with Collymore at an apartment building, in the upscale Red Hills area of the parish of St Andrew. The cab driver was also killed.

Shortly after Simone’s murder, Mckoy’s News understands that Omar and his friend, a man who is allegedly wanted in the US for the murder of his girlfriend and sister in 2002, showed up at a St Andrew, Jamaica insurance company – where their car was shot up, but they received only minor injuries.

Two weeks before the funeral, Omar Collymore reported tried to flee Jamaica using a false passport, but he was nabbed at the airport.

Collymore Arrest in Jamaica: He was arrested on a warrant in a before-day-light raid after he fled the parish of St Andrew to the far west, where rumours are that he was in preparation to flee Jamaica by boat.

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