10 Police Recruits Arrested for Using Forged Academic Documents to Join the Service

Ten recruits who used fake academic documents to be enlisted as Police Constables in the National Police Service (NPS) have been arrested.

They were arrested while undergoing training at the National Police College Main Campus-Kiganjo,

Their courses were terminated with immediate effect after the discovery was made.

Mochama Opiyo Clive, Muithi John Kitavi, Natembea M. Kelvin, Nyapola Felix Angatia, Mwaulid Galgalo Bide, Gobra Grindguest, Ndambuki Irene Nzisa, Felix Kipkoech Langat, Kabatha Paul Kimani and John Crispus Amisi were busted on Wednesday evening by officers at the Kiganjo based campus.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Thursday said the forges were discovered after due diligence on the authenticity of the recruits’ academic documents was conducted.

“A report forwarded to the college by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) declared their Kenya Certificate of Secondary School Education documents presented by the recruits as forged,’ DCI said.

Investigations into their forged certificates indicated that some subject grades and mean grades had been deliberately altered to match the needed minimum requirements for joining the service.

“After their arrest, the fake documents were confiscated and kept in safe custody as exhibits, to be used as evidence against them in court,” the Directorate said.

The suspects have since lost their slots in the service, after failing the integrity test and three months of rigorous training.

They are currently in custody at Kiganjo police station pending arraignment for forgery and other relevant charges.

The ten are among 5,000 police constables who were recruited in March this year, as part of government’s efforts to increase the ratio of police to civilians.

Their arrest comes in the wake of increased reports of forgery of academic documents, as the country prepares for the upcoming general elections in August this year.

This test is carried out in the course of every intake in the institution.

It is one of the basic tests to measure the integrity of every recruit seeking to serve the public as an officer of the law.

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