10 from St James-based gang held in Corporate Area

Police say they have locked up ten persons connected with the St James-based Downtown Sparta Gang, in a set of raids across the Corporate Area, Thursday night. They describe the gang as one of the country’s most feared.

The man listed as St James’ Most Wanted; Christopher Boyd otherwise called ‘Plank’ of the Downtown Sparta Gang was taken into custody on Thursday, July 30, 2020. Police said he was picked up at a guest house in St Andrew where he was in the company of a woman. She is an eighteen-year-old female of Flanker, St James and was also arrested.

The raid was led by the JCF’s Specialized Operations and other units.

A release from the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) said: “Boyd, a top-tier member of the Downtown Sparta Gang, is currently wanted for the murder of Desmond Clarke otherwise called ‘Dangles’ and wounding with intent of Andre Hall otherwise called ‘Beenie’, committed on January 16, 2018, at the Sangster International Airport round-a-bout.”

Prior to that 2018 incident, Boyd was charged and was on bail for the ruthless double murder of David Anglin and Sean Titus on October 22, 2017, along the Flanker main road. He was also sentenced in 2011 for illegal possession of ammunition and two counts of illegal possession of firearm. He served five years and was released in 2016.

Police said in addition to Boyd and the woman eight men linked to the Sparta Gang were arrested last night during an operation at an apartment complex in the St Andrew North Division. Among the men, is Lennox McLeod otherwise called ‘Rus Eye’, who is of a Flanker address, and is wanted for a 2016 case of wounding with intent. During that incident, the complainant was pounced upon by five men armed with handguns and shot in the Flanker community. Of note is the fact that Christopher Boyd also featured in that shooting incident.

Meanwhile, the St James Police escorted Leroy Russell otherwise called ‘Tommy Lee Sparta’ to the Corporate Area last week, where searches were conducted at several apartments. He is currently being held in St James under the State of Public Emergency.

Investigations continue into the activities of the gang.

The JCF High Command is commending the various teams from St James, St Andrew Central, St Andrew North, Special Operations, C-TOC and the Jamaica Defence Force for their professionalism and resolute approach throughout the coordinated operations, which all ended without incident.

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