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Two Street Vendors Murdered in Westmoreland Within Two Days 

Two Street Vendors Murdered in Westmoreland Within Two Days 

 Westmoreland,Jamaica (Mckoys News)- Two Street Vendors MurderedA 25-year-old Street Vendor was shot and killed by a lone gunman in the parish of Westmoreland on Wednesday morning.This is the second shooting where a street vendor has been gunned down in cold blood, in the parish of Westmoreland within the past 48 hours.

The latest victim has been identified as Kevon Lewis,  25 years old of Hudson Street in Savanna-la-mar,  Westmoreland. A similar incident occurred in Savanna- la- mar two days ago, on Monday night, where another street vendor was slain by gunmen.

Reports are that, shortly after 1:10 am on Wednesday, November 8, a man known as  Smith was standing beside his stall along Hudson Street when a man rode up on a motorcycle. The motorcyclist took out a handgun and fired several shots hitting the vendor multiple times on his upper body.

He then sped away from the scene, while the Savanna-la-mar police were summoned. Upon their arrival, the victim was transported to the Savanna- la- mar hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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