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PM Says Government is against Corporal Punishment in Schools and Society Andrew Holness Featured News Jamaica Headline News Jamaican News Latest Jamaican News Latest News People 

PM Says Government is against Corporal Punishment in Schools and Society

(JIS) – Corporal Punishment: Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, says the Government is committed to not only ban corporal punishment in schools, but generally in the society, so that it is no longer an option. “I wish to declare that I am totally against corporal punishment. I believe that the time has come for the Parliament to have... Read More
PM Banning Corporal Punishment Andrew Holness Caribbean News Featured News Jamaica Headline News Health Jamaican News Latest Jamaican News Latest News People Politics 

PM Banning Corporal Punishment

St. Ann, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- PM Banning Corporal Punishment: During his St. Ann’s Hospital Visit Prime Minister Hon. Andrew Holness boldly expressed his disapproval with corporal punishment following the recent viral video of a woman beating her daughter with a machete. The Prime Minister said he believes there are other less extreme measures to disciplining a child. He further stated... Read More
WARREN JOHNSON – “VIEWS FROM ABOVE” VOL #8 Corporal Punishment as Discipline Education News Featured Columnist Headline News Jamaican News Latest News Warren Johnson 

WARREN JOHNSON – “VIEWS FROM ABOVE” VOL #8 Corporal Punishment as Discipline

Abuse Disguised as Discipline: It is ludicrous that in 2017, Jamaica is finally getting around to banishing corporal punishment in schools. Some have said that the ban should be extended to the homes, while others object to this all around. Of course, knees grow weak to even contemplate this one for the nation…. Lateness aside, we ought to be thankful... Read More
Discipline without Beating Ackeem Smith Education News Featured Columnist Featured News Jamaica Headline News Jamaican News Latest News Teen News Weekend Reads 

Discipline without Beating

There are several interpretations given to the definition of discipline, and these have caused misunderstanding. The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), lucidly defines ‘discipline’ as a process that enables children to become social, productive and responsible adults, which is maintained by a set of rules that governs behaviour and conduct with the aim of developing character. ‘Therefore, discipline... Read More

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