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Police Seized Illegal Guns at Standpipe Area – Bushmaster, Glocks

Police Seized Illegal Guns at Standpipe Area – Bushmaster, Glocks

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Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – Police operation in the Kingston 6 area led to the discovery and confiscation of  three illegal Guns and 45 assorted rounds of ammunition from the Cedar Valley Road on Monday, April 10.

Reports by Kingston police are that police detectives carried out a planned operation at an address in the Standpipe community, between 5:30 am to 12 pm on Sunday. During the targeted operation, a Bushmaster semi-automatic assault rifle with a magazine containing twenty-one 5.56 cartridges, a Glock 19 pistol along with sixteen 9mm rounds, a Glock 26 pistol along with five 9mm rounds and a pouch containing three .40 cartridges, were seized.

Four men were reportedly taken into custody in connection with the seizures. Their identities are being withheld pending investigations.

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