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Sex “Facts that are totally wrong”

Sex “Facts that are totally wrong”

Sex “Facts that are totally wrong”

Fact or Fiction?

Masturbation messes with your vision.

Masturbation won’t affect your vision- and you definitely won’t go blind. But there are documented cases of men experiencing temporary blindness during sex.

It’s Fiction!

Source: New England Journal of Medicine. 


Fact or Fiction?

Shoe Size = Penis Size

Some say if you have an average size foot you have an average size penis. But one study found a link between finger length and penis size. Data says if your index finger is shorter than your ring finger, you’re probably packing.

It’s Fiction!

Source: Time


Fact or Fiction?

Pumpkin pie pumps up your penis.

In one smell study, researchers found that sniffing a combination of pumpkin pie and lavender produced a 40% increase in blood flow to the penis.

It’s a fact!

Source: Smell & taste treatment research foundation.


Fact or Fiction?

Circumcision limits your sexual sensitivity.

A study of some 40,000 men found circumcision has no effect on sensitivity, arousal, sensation or satisfaction. Male circumcision also lowers the ricks of HIV and STI infection.

That’s fiction

Source: Daily Mail.


Fact or Fiction?

Socks help girls have orgasms.

A Dutch study found that a major “O” hurdle for women is cold feet. Wearing socks increased their odds of having an orgasm.

It’s a Fact!

Source: Best Health.


Fact or Fiction?

Condoms make sex less enjoyable.

If you disagree, you’re probably doing it wrong. One study found 68% of men bought the wrong size condom and when they switched, their pleasure increased dramatically.

That’s fiction.

Source: Men’s Health.


Fact or Fiction?

Only men get wet dreams

It’s not just men that get the joy of nocturnal emissions- one survey found 37% of women will have a “sleep orgasm” by the time they’re 45.

It’s Fiction!

Source: Daily Mail


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