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Major Protests In St James Over Poor Road Conditions

Major Protests In St James Over Poor Road Conditions

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St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Poor Road Conditions: On Monday and Tuesday of this week, hundreds of disgruntled residents in St James took to  the the streets of various communities, and staged a major protest over what they claim to be deplorable road conditions which have been affecting them over recent years.Most of the angry residents were from communities such as Maroon Town, Johns Hall, Spring Mount and Hurlock.

The disgruntled residents, which included women and children,  staged several major blockades at various locations along the road, leading from Johns Hall and Hurlock Intersection,  straight to South St James. The demonstrators used old motor vehicles, old refrigerators and other household items,  along with huge stones and trees to block the road.

The residents say for too long they have been neglected by their government representatives, and now they are unable to move about freely because of the deplorable road conditions. They say they are demanding a visit from the Member of Parliament, and want their roads to be fixed. The protest
created a negative impact on several schools in the area and also Medical Clinics.

Dozens of students, along with motorists and government workers,  were left stranded because of blockades. The Granville and Spring Mount police were forced to apply extra man power in the area, to assist with the clearing of the roadblocks.

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