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Why Did Police Shoot Alleged “Mad Man” in Foot?

Why Did Police Shoot Alleged “Mad Man” in Foot?

Runaway Bay, St Ann (McN) – Police were summoned to a house in the Mount Zion District of St. Ann, where a machete wielding man was out of control, they restrained the man after shooting him in the foot.

Allegations are, that a man with a machete believed to be mentally ill, burglarized the home of a female teacher on Wednesday morning, in the Mount Zion District.

He allegedly stabbed the teacher with her kitchen knife as she defended her home. She screamed for help and alarmed her neighbors, who came and confronted the burglar.

Reports are that, allegedly the man became more combative and injured two (2) of the community members that were on hand to help the teacher.

When the Police arrived at the scene, they were unable to contain the man without force. The mentally ill man began to threaten the officers with his machete.

He lunged at a female Police and was shot in his foot.

All the injured, including the allegedly insane man were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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