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Police Killed Hanover Gang Member Connected to Feb Triple Murder

Police Killed Hanover Gang Member Connected to Feb Triple Murder

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Hanover, Jamaica (McN) – Police are confirming that on Saturday night Winston Swaroop, gang member of the notorious Hanover gang “One Voice” was killed in a shootout with police.

Hanover Gang Leader Killed in February

On February 3, Omario  ‘Duplex’ Burrell, 21-year-old leader of the ‘One Voice’ gang was killed in a shootout with the police.

In February, the Hanover police reported that Burrell was named as being involved in the Hanover triple murder, in Williamsfield,  which included an 18-month old boy. On January 18 gunmen shot 34-year-old Hopeton Lee, execution style – Lee was a witness to a murder committed by the gang. Kimani Johnson, aged five, and 18-month-old Daquan Davidson were also killed when the gunmen sprayed their board home with gunshots that same night

Reports are that since the death of Burrell police have received many death threats from the menacing gang.

Hanover Gang “One Voice” Member Killed in Police Shoot-out

It is reported that minutes after 9:00 pm on Saturday, members of the police force were patrolling the Williamsfield, Dias area of the Hanover, when they signalled two men on a motorbikes to stop.

The police say one of the men immediately opened fire on them.

The cops returned fire, hitting the driver Winston Swaroop dead. The passenger on the pillion is said to have escaped during the shootout.

Reports told to Mckoy’s News are that Swaroop was responsible for the financing of the “One Voice” gang.

A a 9 mm pistol with 5 live rounds was reportedly taken from Swaroop’s body.

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